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About us

We at Niimura Hospital specialize in urology. Regardless of the sex, we provide consistent diagnoses/treatments, including outpatient consultation, examination, surgery, hospitalization, and anticancer drug treatment. We have abundant achievements and experiences in performing primary cancer surgeries, including prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and kidney cancer. Including Tokiko Niimura, a female urologist and the Chairman, experienced doctors and staff members with ample expertise in their respective fields will support patients in earnest.Since its foundation in 1980, Niimura Hospital has been continuously making innovations so that cutting-edge urological therapies are more readily available.

Cutting-edge medical device

We at Niimura Hospital specialize in urology.

Uronav(MRI-ultrasound imaging fused biopsy system for the prostate)


Prostate cancer detection rate of 85%

Uronav is by fusing MRI and ultrasound images, the system determines cancer sites and navigates needle biopsies using 3D images. Compared with conventional biopsy systems, this system has enabled more accurate detection of cancer.

Introduction results

We have achieved a cancer detection rate of 85% using this system.

Compared with the conventional biopsy method, the detection accuracy has increased by more than double using this system.

Best awards of Urology conference

At the International Urology Conference held in South Korea from June 13 to 15, 2019, Shinji Niimura, the hospital director, presented the results of prostate biopsies using the Uronav and won one of the best awards. Not becoming complacent, we intend to continue providing world-class medical services at our hospital.

Surgical assistant robot da Vinci

Our highly experienced doctors and staff perform surgeries usingstate-of-the-art equipment.

Since the introduction of the da Vinci system, no blood transfusion has been required during surgeries. We have achieved 0 blood transfusion, 97.3% urinary continence, and 0 serious complications.Our doctors have been receiving regular training from Professor Tadashi Hatano, an International Grade-A licenser of the Japan Robotic Surgery Society, thereby honing their skills.

Some of our achievements

Our hospital are performing 50 types of urological surgeries for 800 cases annually. The cumulative number of cases attended by us since the hospital’s foundation has exceeded 40,000.Backed by these experiences and achievements, we are striving to provide the patients with safer and more appropriate treatments in the present and future.

The main specialties of surgeries at Niimura Hospital are as follows

maijor examination
and surgeries

As of 2013/4/1〜2023/5/27


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Robot-assisted surgery


Transurethral lithotripsy


Robot-assisted laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy

+ laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy



MRI-ultrasound imaging fused
biopsy system for the reostate



Names Medical Cooperation Shineikai Niimura Hospital

Address Nishida, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, 890-0046

Foundation July 1980

Clinical departments Urology Department (acute care specialty hospital), Female Urology Department, Dialysis Department, Anesthesiology Department, Radiology Department

Number of beds permitted 59 beds


main medical equipment

surgical examination system


robot-assisted surgical system

product name

da Vinci surgical system


intuitive surgica

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MRI-ultrasound fused prostate biopsy system

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hemodialysis monitor

product name

NCU-5 / NCU-8



hemodialysis monitor

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